Wednesday, January 12, 2011

here in this place

dear summer friends, i love you all very much. it excites me how close we have grown in such a short space of time. thank you all so much for being so supportive and understanding. i feel safe with you, like you are always looking out for me. you have helped me through my nightmare and i will be eternally grateful. i have finally found a group of friends who i can be myself around. i feel like a child again when i am with you - a feeling that i have missed. i love that we are a range of ages. boys and girls. all so incredibly different but all meshed together by the love of our saviour who has been with us all summer, teaching us new things and presenting us with new obstacles that we have overcome together. thank you for showing me the true meaning of friendship, of community, of family. my time with you all has definitely changed my life for the better. i am so incredibly grateful for all of you. i look forward to making many more beautiful memories with you. you are amazing.

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